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President: Dennis Chassaniol

Vice-President: Traci Fann

Treasurer: Charlie Billings

Secretary: Erin Willis

Ex-Officio: Keith Cheung

Executive Secretary: Jean Harmison

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4730 S. National Ste. A1
Springfield, MO 65810
phone 417.886.8606
fax 417.886.3685

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Policy for Use of the MMACJA Membership List and Website

The following policy was adopted by the MMACJA Board of Directors on January 18, 2014.

The Missouri Municipal and Associate Circuit Judges Association (hereinafter referred to as MMACJA) maintains a list of members which includes addresses, phone and email addresses. MMACJA also maintains a website for the use of its members. In an effort to clarify the intended use and purpose of maintaining such a list and website, the following guidelines shall apply:

  1. Use of the list is for MMACJA purposes only. It shall be understood that maintaining the list is by the permission of the members who allow their names and contact information to be used to receive communication from MMACJA.
  2. MMACJA has a responsibility to promote the Association for the betterment of the Municipal Judges and Associate Circuit Judges in Missouri as a whole and the public at large. All legal uses of the list and website that promotes the Municipal Judges and Associate Circuit Judges as a whole and the delivery of Judicial services to the public shall be considered a legitimate use of the list and website.
  3. Examples of legitimate use of the membership list and/or website are:
    1. Announcement of MMACJA events and meetings;
    2. Articles of interest to the members of MMACJA and Municipal and Associate Circuit Court Judges which may include educational information, rule changes, announcements from the judiciary or administrative body charged with the administration of the judicial system;
    3. Announcement of charitable events sponsored by or promoted by MMACJA;
    4. Announcement of professional achievement by a member;
    5. Announcement of a member’s retirement or death;
  4. Examples of prohibited uses of the membership list and/or website are:
    1. Any announcement, invitation, or solicitation on behalf of any individual or group of individuals for political purposes.
    2. Announcement of a social event not sponsored by the MMACJA;
    3. Direct or indirect solicitation of money for charity, campaign donations or any other purpose not directly used for MMACJA purposes.